Thursday, September 29, 2011

two years.

"And  they were  all  young  men,
and they were exceedingly valiant
for courage, and also for strength
and activity;  but behold, this was 
not all--they were men who were 
true  at  all  times  in  whatsoever
                                                            thing they were entrusted."
                                                                                          Alma 53:20

What can you do in one year? Probably a lot, right? What about two? Take, for example, those Sons of Helaman. From 64 b.c. to 62 b.c. (need I say two years) they fought for the liberty of their fathers. Determined to maintain their lands, their possessions, their wives, and their children, never doubting that God would deliver them. Not one soul was slain as they fought for freedom against the Lamanites. They were preserved as they stood fast in defense of their liberty and faith. All because their mothers taught them well.

They were very young, but look what they did. Look at the example they gave, and the bar they set. It's a pretty high bar, but I want to live up to it. Go out into the world. Preach the word of God. Live the gospel, and return with honor.

Serving a mission sounds like... the best thing EVER! I just can't wait. What can be said? My mother taught me well.

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